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Re: Science Fair project

12/5/2000 1:03 AM
Re: Science Fair project
I just got off the phone with my amp tech (Steve Wilson) and he was very helpful. I was thinking about changing the phase inverter coupling cap, but I am now going to test the cathode bypass caps. He said to get a rotary switch and have one setting stock, one with no caps (thats ok on the amp, right) and one with a much higher value of caps. He said I could easily test this by making a dummy load with a 4 ohm resistor (I'm using a Bassman) and testing AC voltage across it and how it goes up and down with no caps, stock value caps, and higher value caps (how high up should I go, though?) One problem I have though is that I can't find 4 ohm resistors. Anyone know where I can find one and what wattage it should be. Thanks

dpcoyle I assume your tech is talking about... -- 12/5/2000 3:17 AM