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previous: Reverb Bryan,Variacs can be found ... -- 11/30/2000 7:31 AM View Thread

Re: Variac Sources

11/30/2000 5:05 PM
Re: Variac Sources
Bryan, Mouser has them also part # (5874-171) 0-120/132 @1.78 amps for $ 60.  
part # (5874-221B) 0-120/132 @2.5 amps for $62.  
part #(5874-501B) 0-120/140 @5 amps for $ 111. and several others that will go up to 280 and up to 9 amps if needed for international voltages as well,  

Bryan Thanks everyone for the help on the... -- 12/1/2000 12:28 AM