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Re: Champ Speaker- quick question

11/27/2000 8:17 PM
D. Hiatt Collins
Re: Champ Speaker- quick question
Comments up to this point noted... The sound, though, is more like the speaker is being heavily stressed to the point of violently breaking up. The sound isn't present when using a larger speaker, and it's not that I don't like the tonal character of the internal 8"- it sounds great when the amp is turned below its maximum. I just think that the internal speaker is completely overstressed by the amp when it's overdriven, like it can't handle the signal. The larger speaker is rated much higher, and so can handle the output. The problem is not that I think the speaker has too much high end or mids or something. That would be a tonal issue. This sounds more like the speaker is about to come apart. My question, again, is as follows: will a replacement speaker exhibit this breakup effect as a function of being an 8" speaker, or will it handle the sound and not freak out? My DR sounds great all the way up, though one does have to adjust the tone controls on the guitar and amp. My problem with the champ is a different kind of thing.

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