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Champ Speaker- quick question

11/27/2000 3:32 PM
D. Hiatt Collins
Champ Speaker- quick question
I recently got a SF champ for some lower-volume playing, and soon after bought one of those 1-watt adapters from Smicz Amplification. The amp really sounds great through the speaker in my DR (even though it's the wrong impedance), but has this really nasty sound when it's turned up through the internal 8-incher. This happens even with the 1-watt adapter- I get a really fizzy, trebly, harsh effect when the amp is cranked, but not when it's down lower and clean. I'm assuming the speaker (the original 'Fender Special Design') is just crapping out. My question is this: will the amp sound better if I replace the speaker with one of those Weber Signature Series, or is the bad sound a function of that size speaker in a SF champ? The speaker crapout makes this amp sound like a bad SS practice amp distorting- it's frustrating because it really sounds good through the DR's 12. Please advise! Thanks!

Adrian Champ Speaker- quick question - Anyone out there on -- 11/27/2000 5:02 PM
JM Re: Champ Speaker- quick question -- 11/27/2000 7:05 PM