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Re: Bedrock MV

11/23/2000 4:07 AM
Dave B.
Re: Bedrock MV
My answer wasn't meant to be technically satisfying but stated in the simplest terms for the questioner. If you'd like a more technical explination here's a quote from Kevin O'Connor from his book the Ultimate Tone:  
" before we look at the details of installing a power amp MV we should look at what it's net effect will be. The power section in most guitar amps has a feedback loop that tries to maintain constant gain despite environmental influences.  
The paraphase drive signals are at whatever level the input stage determines to be appropriate to make the feedback signal look like the input signal. If we attenuate these paraphase signals the input stage must work harder to obtain the required feedback. At some point the input stage runs out of gain and output capability and begins to distort.  
The output signal is then distorted as well. The greatest distortion occurs when the MV levels are set low. Less signal is transfered from the input stage to the output stage...the poweramp master volume does not allow a truly clean sound to be set up as the conventional MV is able to do. This means the power amp MV is restricted to those situiations where the amp is being set up for one range of tones only: distorted ones."  
Got any Samuel Adams?  

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