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previous: Steve A. Shea:   &nbs... -- 11/14/2000 4:22 AM View Thread

Re: Aiken's article is all you need

11/14/2000 7:11 PM
Re: Aiken's article is all you need
Thanks. I got the idea of using two star points from Aiken's article. Sure there's going to be a ground path from the input jack to the pt, but, if I understand this correctly, there shouldn't be a problem as long as there aren't any other ground paths crossing that one. Anway, like you say, the proof is in the pudding. Aiken also mentioned the insulated shoulder washers, but I figured I'd try putting together the stuff I had to see how it worked. It's working pretty well.  

Steve A. Shea:   &nbs... -- 11/18/2000 9:52 PM