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Re: Crate Vintage Club 30 VC3112 troubleshooting

11/14/2000 1:28 AM
Re: Crate Vintage Club 30 VC3112 troubleshooting
I do SLM warranty and here are some general tips for their tube amps:  
Resolder all front panel control/jack/and switch solder pads - be careful not to get a solder bridge on the switches (I use a magnifying glass and X-acto knife to clean up).  
Replace the input jack if necessary - if you've got room, replace it with a metal Switchcraft type (you should have room).  
If you don't use the effects in/out jacks and the headphone jack - solder jumper wires to bridge them - you can always cut the jumpers if you desire these little used features.  
Replace the output tube screen grid dropping resistor with a higher wattage/higher quality unit.  
And there are a few more tips but I'm too lazy to pull out the schematic. Anyway, I believe that your fix is somewhere within the above.