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Re: A question for you Ted.

11/10/2000 4:56 AM
Re: A question for you Ted.
Actually, i have worked with an EF86 in another homebrew of mine. I used an EF86 coupled to a 1M volume pot via a .01uF cap. The volume pot feeds a 6SL7 long-tailed pair PI which feeds a 2x6V6 output section run in UL with no feedback. I have no tone control at all on this amp; the UL connection really made the highs smooth which ended up negating the need for a tone control or a "top cut" control like a Vox or Matchless might have. The main limitation of this setup is control of the bass content of the amp at different volume levels or with different guitars. I chose the .01 coupling cap from the EF86 after much experimentation with my personal guitar at the volume level at which I normally play. When I use a different guitar, or if I play at a different volume level, the amp either has too much bass or not enough. The rotary switch with a number of different coupling cap values between the EF86 and the volume control would effectively solve this problem without having to add a signal-eating tone stack. The UL connection in my other amp has super-smooth highs and tight low end but is missing something; it sounds sterile in some way that is hard to verbalize.  

Sven Wickström I have built a few amps with EF86 -... -- 11/10/2000 7:49 AM