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Help w/SF Super

11/9/2000 6:03 PM
Bob P
Help w/SF Super
Help w/SF Super  
Hi, I'm looking at purchasing what appears to be a 1978ish SF Super Reverb w/Master volume. I am looking at this amp with the intentions of blackfacing it. The output and power trannys have the following numbers on them:  
EIA606 813  
EO606 816  
Additionally, on the rear of the chassis is stamped the serial number A957486 with the number 01 stamped in ink over the top.  
The question is, does this amp have what it takes to be converted properly to blackface specs. Are the trannys right? I understand that the power was upped to 70W by the late 70's. Is this because the power transformer has too high a voltage on it or was there some other change to the amp that increased the power? Was the tube rectifier replaced with a SS one?  
Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated.  
Also, where can I find an on-line schematic of this amp?  
Thanks in advance,  
Bob P

Bob P Just bringing this back up to the t... -- 11/9/2000 10:04 PM