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Re: Cross-line MV and Cut controls...

11/7/2000 12:33 AM
Rick Erickson
Re: Cross-line MV and Cut controls...
Cross Line MV? I believe you're talking about the "choke" circuit as I know it that brings the output of the p/i together. Whatever the intended purpose is, either tpye of MV can be used for the same result. The cross-line MV is much simpler and cheaper to install. I would think that if you were hitting the EL84's too hard you would just turn down the preamp control. Matchless chose to call it a MV, suggesting that it would allow the preamp to distort. On the other hand, Bruno calls the "Cut" control "Presence" which really messed me up on a repair job where the customer said his Bruno Underground 30 had no character and no punch. Apparently he thought, as did I, that a presence control should be able to be fully ccw and still get full output from the amp. Once I realized it was a HF "Cut" (ala Vox AC30) control I advised him to run it fully cw unless the amp sounded too bright. Problem solved. The Bedrock used a dual MV control but reduced one side of the p/i before the other. I wasn't too impressed with the results, and since this was a prototype amp from what I understand, I'm going to "modify" it to a more standard approach per customer request.  

Steve A. Rick:   &nbs... -- 11/13/2000 3:35 AM