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Re: annoying oscillation..

11/6/2000 8:33 PM
drewlRe: annoying oscillation..
thanks for your reply, B+ is clean, added resistors, and filtered each stagewhen i built pre amp, again plate supplies are very clean. oscillation is before phase splitter, and removing it has no effect. the pre amp has a lot of gain, and this is why it's oscillating easily! after reading your post on capacitor hum, i duplicated your experiment and obtained the same results, capacitor orientation can reduce noise! i will do this to my amp in question.  
there is no NFB, but like i said, oscillation is before PI.

Richie{~}==::: try removing the bypass cap across ... -- 11/7/2000 6:04 AM
Bruce 9 times out of 10 it's the speaker ... -- 11/7/2000 9:46 AM