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Re: How does this factor in?

11/5/2000 4:01 PM
Re: How does this factor in?
A comment, re. your assumption that the effects of a wire lying along a cap would drop off as an inverse square. Actually things are worse.  
The effect of a "long" wire drops off at an inverse first order rate, not square. This is called Biot Savart's law in physics, and stems from the fact that it is not a point source sending out the signal. You have to integrate in all the signal coming form the length of the wire and this adds up to enough to make it first order.  
Weirder yet is that if a radiator is effectively a large plate, compared to the separation distance, the strength doesn't diminish with change of distance, again from the integration of the whole plate. This is the condition of the voltage field inside the cap, between the plates.  

Randall Aiken Thanks, Dan, you're right. I was t... -- 11/5/2000 5:05 PM