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Re: did the font here change...

11/3/2000 5:18 AM
Steve A.
Re: did the font here change...
    As an experiment, select the left frame by clicking on it. Once the focus is on that frame check your menu bar for an option such as "Increase font... Ctrl + ]" (which is what Netscape calls it). Each time you click on this option or shortcut key it will increase the size of the font used in HTML windows. (Decrease font would be Ctrl + [... )  
    I found that by reducing the size of the fonts for both the left and right panes, the Reply mode can be sized so that I could read the text in both panes without having to scroll back and forth. (I figured this one out after complaining to tboy several times... oops!)  
    At least with Netscape, these shortcut keys can be handy when browsing the Web... another trick is to right click on an unknown link and selecting "Open Link in New Window". That way you can always get back to exactly where you were by reselecting the original window.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Is your website still under construction? You ought to have links to the various Komet sound samples on different user pages, along with links to user reviews...