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Need high voltage potentiometer?

11/1/2000 10:59 PM
Need high voltage potentiometer?
I'm thinking about playing with some of the Power  
Supply tricks in Kevin O'Conners TUT2, particularly the AC-Controlled proportional regulator Figure 2-43 on page 2-35. So, Im trying to find a potentiometer  
that will handle high-voltage AC. Looking in the Mouser/Digikey catalogs, none of them give AC voltage specs. At most they give a max operating voltage which ranges from 300VDC to 500VDC.  
Can someone recommend a 500k pot suitable for varying high AC voltage (i.e. secondary voltages), where to buy?  
The PT I'm using is rated as 360-0-360 .75 A.  

K B Pots are rated in wattages not volt... -- 11/2/2000 3:45 PM