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Re: Eminence speakers

10/27/2000 1:23 PM
Re: Eminence speakers
I really don't think Eminences are bad. I just used them as an example of inexpensive and generic. Actually, in my Twin I'm running a Mojo (which I hear is made by Eminence), and another speaker without a label that looks exactly the same as the Mojo, so I assume it's an Eminence. I say Eminences are good enough to get the job done without embarassment, they just don't put icing on the cake. The Chevy of speakers?  
Really, it's nice to be able to say, "Hmmm, while I'm out running errands, I need another 50-watt 12" . . . Yup, got two twenties in my wallet & a few ones . . . Hey, give me one of those mojos, yeah the 12."