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Re: Eminence speakers

10/27/2000 12:06 AM
Re: Eminence speakers
That's great, if true. With Eminences' history, I'll wait to "see it to believe it". Eminence made the spkr I had in my Soldano Atomic 16. There were problems. They knew it, I knew it. Went to a Vintage 30. (me).Soldano tried to go/w Celestion,but Marshall cried sooo much, they backed down.Celestion that is. In 30+ years of being involved w/ music,the only spkrs "I" trust are Celestion and EV-SRO's,even though I'm gonna try a Mojo! To bad they don't make SRO's any more. Unfortunetally,the NAMM show in Detroit SUCKED,(no-one there)and Phoenix doesn't rate a NAMM show.Go figure,the 7th largest city in the country!! Thanx for the info,Ed