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Eminence speakers

10/26/2000 11:09 PM
Ray Ivers
Eminence speakers
Ed, Shea,  
I don't have much experience with the lower-line Eminence Legend series speakers, but I've found that the Eminence Delta Pro, Gamma, and Kappa lines of speakers are very high quality and (to me) sound great; I've gotten both the 10" and 12" of each, when available. I'm not looking for speaker breakup - none of these speakers will deliver that at any kind of reasonable volume - but at the last two N.A.M.M. shows I've checked out everything Eminence makes now, and I've come away pretty impressed for the most part. In fact, I have a prediction to make; I think Eminence is going to continue to make strong inroads into Celestion's market share in the next few years. Eminence speakers are no longer the crap they once were; this is why VHT and many other amp makers are using Eminence now, with more surely to follow. Maybe they still make some cheapos, but they also make a bunch of really nice speakers, too. I used to feel exactly the way you guys seem to about Eminence, but not any more.  
Ray Ivers

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