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Re: Favourite budget 6L6

10/26/2000 9:52 PM
Re: Favourite budget 6L6
WAIT, hold the phone! 1st,I'm not spending 3K for this amp. 2nd, I'm NOT sweating Webers' prices. My reasons for not chosing Weber do not include the price/quality/sound. But since you mentioned it,I'm only getting 1 "cloned" spkr. The other is the real deal-Celestion. The clone may only last a week. It's a Mojo,that happened to be included w/the price.But it was my choice/particular model. No Eminence or Jensens-NO WAY. It's not that I am a pre CBS fanatic,more like there's NO need to spend 3K for a "boutique" amp. I want certain responses from my amp. But why spend, what, 1500-2000 for a pre, when I can have a totally new and reliable/lifetime warranty combo w/the 2 circuits I prefer in an amp,inc all the extra rectifier tubes,2 sets of NOS power tubes,1 Celestion for LESS than 1400? Also,yes its been 2 months into the amp.The wiring has just begun. I figure another month. Does anyone really think,BELIEVE that the "boutique" makers are taking a month to build 1 amp?!?! If so, maybe that's why they charge an arm and a finger for those things!No way they'd make $$ if that's the case. I still can't believe how "cheap" my amp is costing. BUT, this was to be a question on a 6L6 choice. I take it that you 2 think the RCAs' are worth the cost,for the tone. THANX. Check out Fargen amplification/reviews on Harmony Central. We're already discussing a 30 watt Plexi head. Thanx for the replies! Ed

Ray Ivers Eminence speakers -- 10/26/2000 11:09 PM