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Woodson Amplifiers.....HELP!!!!!

10/23/2000 8:21 PM
Woodson Amplifiers.....HELP!!!!!
Does anyone out there have any information on Woodson Amplifiers?They are or were in Bolivar,Missouri and I cant find any information on them whatsoever.I was given a 2X12 type reverb amplifier and I found another at a flea market for a real good price hoping I could scavenge parts,but it doesnt work either!I had the chance to hear the one being played through when it did function,and it sounded GREAT.Now Im just trying to find info to either reach the company or find someone with schematics I can buy copies of,as all the parts have proprietary code numbers.Thanks!

Bob Isaacson Dan,Woodson has been out of bus... -- 10/25/2000 11:32 PM