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previous: Bret Re: Easy... Dave K :D -- 10/19/2000 5:34 PM View Thread

Hey Bret

10/19/2000 8:10 PM
Gil Ayan
Hey Bret
[QUOTE]The example was given to demonstrate the cutsomer support from the folks at Soldano willing to help customers, not for you to post your opinion on the that customer's wishes regarding his amp tone.  
I can appreciate your point about Soldano being willing to tweak customers' amps, and I think that it's a great practice. I never, even remotely, attempted to deny that.  
Regarding the latter portion of your statement quoted above, I will try to be diplomatic about this: what I wrote was not intended to please or displease you. Fact is, I happen to know the story of the graphic EQ first hand, and while I am sure Soldano tried his best to accommodate the request, a simple look at the schematic suggests that it would be something very difficult (read: impossible) to achieve, considering the lead and rhythm channels share the tone controls in that amp. Now, you may or may not agree with my statement, and it's fine with me either way. One of the things I like about this forum is that we can all agree to disagree without taking things personally. :D  
Accordingly, I am not posting this so that you either post or not post your opinion about anything. I am merely expressing my point of view, with no expectations at all, but of course I welcome the exchange.  
The reason I suggested you call Soldano was, since you are a customer you probably know some of those guys and would feel comfortable chatting about this type of trivia with them. Personally, I myself heard Mike Soldano say, in 1993 at a West L.A. Music, that the famous Clapton and Knopler amps were nothing like the stock ones, which you apparently have, and I have no reason to not believe what he said back then. If you do call and talk to Mike, maybe you can help refresh his memory by saying that it was during a clinic he gave with Yamaha when the "T" series amps came out.  

Bret Hi Gil,Points well taken. ... -- 10/19/2000 8:49 PM