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Re: double bass preamps

2/16/2001 8:59 PM
Re: double bass preamps
dpcoyle - that quote came from Laurie Anderson. I've seen it mis-attributed to several people, but that's the first time as Jaco !  
I play the upright and while I don't amplify it at the moment, I hope to put something together in the next year or so. I have a fishman but it sucks. I have looked around some, and was interested in the Pendulum tube instrument pre, which supposedly works well with any acoustic instrument. There are some other tube pre's that might work, but it depends quite a bit on the pickup/mic setup you are using. I think the best way to go is probably using both a piezo or other contact transducer along with a good mic, so maybe you could send the pieze to a SS preamp that will handle the ultra high impedance of the pieze output and is designed to make them sound good, while sending the mic to a nice tube pre. There are some smallish Neumann, AKG and Sennheiser mics that look like they might work well on a mini gooseneck clipped to the bridge, with the mic positioned over the top of the bass near the F hole on the player's left.  
I think it is possible to get nice and flat response from tubes if that is your goal, it's just that guitarists usually don't do that. Look at all the audiophile tube preamps out there, some of them are flatter than...uh...something.

dpcoyle Hey Mark, I didn't ... -- 2/17/2001 7:10 PM