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How to determine necessary PT specs?

1/17/2001 3:56 AM
D. Hiatt Collins
How to determine necessary PT specs?
Thanks Lee and quatrovalvoli. I have a more general question as a result of these discussions- How does one determine what ratings on the PT are required for a given amp project? Hammond (for example) offers a large variety of PTs with different secondary voltages and current ratings. How does one determine which to buy? I know that a certain HV supply voltage is necessary for the 'Tweed' sound, but how do I go about figuring this out for the 5E3 Deluxe? Some Fender schems have voltages written at various points, but the 5E3 schem doesn't. Thanks for all the help!  

Lee M. I ask the experts like Bruce Collin... -- 1/17/2001 11:01 PM