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Vinyl amp covering question

1/11/2001 5:57 AM
Rob P
Vinyl amp covering question
In a combo amp, set up tweed-style with the chassis mounted vertically at the back, how do you cover it with vinyl in the faceplate-cutout area? Since this is a corner folding away from the main surface at the top of the amp, when you cut the vinyl, it doesn't cover the whole surface of the cutout.  
Hopefully the question isn't too confusing, I'm not sure if i've written it in the best way, but hopefully someone will understand.  
I recently covered my first amp of this layout, and ended up with a couple triangles of uncovered wood. Quite annoying.  
Anyway, thanks for the input,  

clyde Rob, The only way to hide those tr... -- 1/11/2001 6:44 AM