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Thanks to all, amp is nice now, final

12/21/2000 10:50 PM
Thanks to all, amp is nice now, final
I just came from practice room and I'm really satisfied with the amp now.  
The only mod I did after the last schem. update is that I installed a 470p over the R11 470K after second stage.  
The clean channel is nice clean on low level and it has a sweet overdrive if you hit the strings on medium levels. On full it is very loud and sounds like AC/DC. Exact what I want.  
The Gain channel has a lot of sustain over the full rage of the master vol. If pre and master are full, it's a little to much, but I have now the full rage of sound in this amp. This is perfect for solos.  
till now I don't build a case for the amp, but I will start after the holidays.  
So, before we close this thread,  
many very special thanks to  
Randall Aiken for his excellent WebPages which help me allot to understand what is going on  
Chris Barrow he helped me online on the bench for final fixes.  
Trace and Joe for the ideas how to do it and  
Bruce, I think he said once " now pain, no gain" and thinks like "it's good enough for rock«n«roll"  
and of cause all the others here,  
Thank you very much and marry Christmas to all of you.  
My prbl. with the relative high V difference in the PI I ignore. The Amp sounds pretty good and I don't want to change things now.  
When I finished her, I will make a page with the final schem and pic, so you can see what WE build.