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Re: Modular Tube Amp Experimentation Platform?

12/19/2000 7:17 PM
Andrew M
Re: Modular Tube Amp Experimentation Platform?
The book "The Beginner's Guide to Tube Audio Design", by Bruce Rozenblit has plans for a tube based (uses one EL34 and one 12ax7) regulated power supply that can output 100mA from 150v to 400v. It also uses a relay for short circuit protection and has provisions for bias and heater supplies. It uses 5 power transformers though, one for B+, one for the bias supply, one for the heater supply, and one for each tube's heater (their supplies are elevated w/ respect to ground). It would be a useful device, but its not the kind of thing you could whip together in an afternoon and would cost quite a bit to construct.