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Fender Harvard- possible to build?

12/8/2000 10:26 PM
D. Hiatt Collins
Fender Harvard- possible to build?
I'm currently reading and soaking up all the information I can get my hands on WRT electronics, amps, and tubes with the intention of diving into this building stuff myself. I'm not there yet, so this question is theoretical at this point. My question is this: would it be possible to build a Fender Harvard amp with parts available from the usual tube amp part suppliers? I'm intrigued by this amp, as it seems to be a quirky and rare example of the Fender Tweed style. In looking at the schematic and reading the comments on the FFG, I notice that there's some sort of bias? connection on the power transformer, and what I assume (based on FFG comments) is a selenium rectifier. Are these parts or functions that can be replicated with currently available parts or replaced with some equivalent arrangement? I'd like to eventually build one of these, if possible, and am curious as to whether it could be done. Many thanks!

Graywater Hey D,As I only hav... -- 12/8/2000 11:42 PM