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Re: Choke vs tube voltage regulator for screen supply?

11/23/2000 12:31 AM
Re: Choke vs tube voltage regulator for screen supply?
Hi Ken,  
I had the chance to breadboard a screen reg circuit using a 6CG7. Sounds like it's worth the effort. I remember reading somewhere (I think KOC's TUT2)that floating heater 6.3V should be used for tube reg's, off a separate winding. I pulled some old Bogen schematics; at least in the ones I have access to,I see they use 6CG7's with floating heaters or 6CM7's off the main heater string, with the windings resistively balanced to ground. If I go with the 6CG7, any problem with running it off the latter setup? (have a lot of stashed 6CG7's/trying to keep it simple)  

Ken Gilbert jon, the only issue you've got to c... -- 11/23/2000 3:04 PM