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New project pending

9/26/2000 1:31 PM
New project pending
Hello, folks.  
I just was given an old Stromberg-Carlson console stereo (the guts of it, anyway), and contained on that chassis are 2 dual 6V6 OT's, a PT capable of running 4 6V6's, a couple 7199's, and about 4 other small radio tubes. Looks like time to build a guitar amp out of it.  
See what you think of this idea; a friend of mine has been telling me for some time to build him an amp that can get an actual Fender sound as well as a Marshall sound. I was thinking of possibly building 2 amps in this chassis, one fender based, one Marshall based. I have a P-P EL84-sized OT from another scavenged project, and I figured I could split the signal at the front end with a unity gain buffer, perhaps an EF86, or some other triode. From there, I could run into both amps with a blend control, or even use them as channel switchers. The outputs could run into a 2x12 cabinet with each speaker dedicated to one amp. The Fender sound should work well with 6V6's, the Marshall sound should work well with EL84's. This way, it would be a dual 15-20 watt amp.  
Is this really a stupid way to go? The reason I don't want just 2 preamps going into the same PI/power tube section is that the Marshall sound will be optimized by overdriving the PI, and the Fender sound will need it clean, thus giving 2 distinct volumes, but if I use 2 different amp sections, I can drop the B+ of the Marshall section slightly, so that full out, the Fendery section will still be pretty clean, and the Marshall section will have it's breakup.  
Haven't started it yet, but the parts are free, and it could be pretty cool.  
Any feedback, positive or negative, will be MOST welcome.  

Don Symes Neat. Don't think you need the buf... -- 9/26/2000 3:28 PM
steveR Sounds cool.I don't... -- 9/27/2000 5:08 PM