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Computer scanners & loaded circuit boards--safe to scan?

1/30/2001 6:45 PM
Computer scanners & loaded circuit boards--safe to scan?
I think I remember reading something a while back on one of the DIY sites that it is o.k. to put circuit boards, complete with components, on a standard flatbed computer scanner to create an image of the layout, traces, etc.  
I'm borrowing a Phase 90, and I'd like to make a scan of both sides of the circuit board. It seems that the only thing that could be harmed by a scanner might be the IC's--but I really don't know, because I don't know what kind of scary stuff a scanner emits when it does it's thing (although one time I tried to brush a cricket off the glass in mid-scan, my hand and the cricket passed through the scanning beam at the same time, a bright light and loud humming noise filled the room for several seconds, and ever since, I can play Voodoo 'Chile...A Slight Return by rubbing my feet together--but I guess I'll tell you more about that another time).  
Anyway, does anyone know if there is *any chance* my scanner would wreck any of the components in a Phase 90? More generally, can anyone think of electronic components that shouldn't be scanned?  

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