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More Sing-wah

1/26/2001 11:34 PM
R.G.More Sing-wah
I did some simulation on the wahs in this thing. Looks like the best results from just eyeballing the frequency response curves is the old standard inductor wah, modified to accept resistor-to-ground frequency modification.  
The simple way to do this is to get two old wah boards and hook up the double-sequencer, or to make two Radio-Shack-transformer wahs.  
I have a board laid out for the logic section to do up/down/random selection and two 4051 selectors to select fixed resistors. I'll have to breadboard it and find out how it sounds.  
Another thing that might work well is to use each selectors to select one of eight *capacitors* and directly step the wah with them. Should work as well as selecting one of eight resistors and would then let us use on-board wah resistors instead of a pot to get the best Q for each formant.  
...sigh... so many circuits, so little time...

Gus R.G. one friend found his pic progr... -- 1/26/2001 11:58 PM