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Re: help identify old effect

1/26/2001 1:50 AM
Sean Costello
Re: help identify old effect
The Interfax Harmonic Percolator definitely IS the fuzz that Steve Albini uses on Shellac, and for most of his career (Big Black, Rapeman). However, the schematic may not be entirely accurate, as the types of transistors used were not specified. I remember reading somewhere (perhaps an ad for the reissue in an old Vintage Guitar magazine?) that the Percolator used both a germanium transistor and a silicon transistor. Perhaps the PNP transistor in the schematic is yer standard Fuzz Face germanium transistor.  
Also, the Percolator is not the most distinctive part of Albini's sound. Some of his tonal ingredients:  
- Bi-amping. Part of his signal goes into a Fender Bassman head that powers a 4x12 cabinet. The other part goes through some weirdo transistor preamp PA thing, into a full-range cabinet with a 15" speaker and a horn tweeter. Grit probably comes from Bassman, clean bass and treble from transistor PA thing.  
- Lots of presence used on Bassman.  
- Metal pick, metal guitar (Travis Bean).  
- Pick noise, string noise as important as notes.  
The Percolator is only used on a few songs (Rambler Song, the loud part of Wingwalker) - basically where the guitar sounds like a crazy fuzzed feedback thing.  
Sean Costello

dave who's got one of these things??? G... -- 1/26/2001 4:02 AM