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help identify old effect

1/25/2001 2:38 AM
help identify old effect
I built an interflax harmonic perclater thinking it was what I was lookng for. Turned out to be a great fuzz, just not this.  
Looking for a box, originally made in chicago but not sure by who. Called a Harmonic Percolatoror maybe harmoic exciter, came in a big box with sliders, not knobs.  
It sounds a little bit like an octave, but is definitley not an octave effect. I'm fairly certain Steve Albini used one for his guitar on the Shellac records.  
Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?  
Ever seen the schematic?  

Joel Are you *sure* it isn't the Harmonic Percolator? -- 1/25/2001 5:45 AM
dave Re: help identify old effect -- 1/25/2001 6:02 AM
Sean Costello Hi:The Interfax Har... -- 1/26/2001 1:50 AM