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Soft Selector

1/24/2001 5:09 AM
R.G.Soft Selector
Yep. Actually, not too difficult, as I've been working on that part for a while.  
OK, here's the design spec I'm working to:  
- minimum two "channels", practical maximum of eight  
- each channel fades in when selected, fades out when deselected; digital selection for ease of interface with the sequencer  
- Fade speed is the same for all channels, and is adjustable with a single pot  
- Fade varies from almost instant to about a two second crossfade  
- choice of select-one, round-robin, or random selections, independent of fade speed  
- sequencer speed variable  
- internal buffer/splitter and mixer to remix inputs if desired  
The engineer in me wants to add - costs under $1 and fits in a 1590BB, but I suspect I may not be *that* good 8-)  
I already have circuits designed for each part of that mess. The trick is to condense what is a big bunch of circuits down to something manageable for the casual builder.  
Ideally, it would be modular like the old "bit slice" processor chips - you could make a computer as wide as you liked by paralleling as many four-bit-wide slices as needed. I'd like to make this something that could be used as a by-two crossfade, with another board or something to add one or two more channels as the need arises.  
Anyway, since you're kibitzing, what else goes in there? A straight channel, that the others mix into, so there's a "constant" channel that the others vary against? Independent outputs so that you can do multi-amps? What have I missed?

Mike Burgundy Wow, I had to ask.. ;pI lik... -- 1/25/2001 3:48 PM