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Re: Wah Sequencer for ZV and others

1/14/2001 9:12 PM
zachary vexRe: Wah Sequencer for ZV and others
your method may result in aliasing problems that will result in noticable repeating patterns, but i admit it looks like it might sound very random. i wonder about clicking problems with your approach. with the same chip count i could have four interacting frequencies (mine uses 3 too). i see mine produce patterns for a few seconds and then wizz off to some completely unexpected set of wahs... it's musically exciting, like another person is present. i wish there was a site that let one test three frequencies at once, but this one lets you test two:  
the noise i heard was continuous, not momentary. it resulted from leakage due to proximity and limitations on filtering the power supply (for me, space is at a premium and i have to cut certain corners), and by raising my operating frequency to the higher level i pushed it out of the human hearing range, obviating the need for improvement. 8^) i love obviation. it always results in a lower parts count!  
i can visualize a way to use your circuit to steer a series of 8 3-lead pots or even two of them at once. the bilateral switching gives you this opportunity, if you use two or four of the 4051's in parallel to lift outside legs simultaneously. in fact, your circuit could be easily adapted to select 8 loops or 8 different effects at random. i know some rockstars would love that effect.  
thanks for the inspiration. i'm still wary of the clicking problem with those bilateral switches. but there's always a solution.  
zachary vex

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