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Re: Hornet debuggin' (in the key of G#)

1/3/2001 8:59 PM
Re: Hornet debuggin' (in the key of G#)
>The unit squeals at high gain. I read that i should use a capacitor somewhere but since I do not fully understand electronics I could do with a little help.  
Keeps the input and output wires far apart as possible. Use shielded wires if you can - that should fix it. Shield only one side of the wire.  
> I was wondering if I could use two Ge transistors instead of the proposed ge-si combinations.  
Yep, start the trims at center and then adjust to taste.  
>The bass response of my guitar (Gibson with 500T Humbucker) is gone.  
The input cap can go from .01uF to 47uF - larger values more bass and different tone.  
You can increase the output cap if you want as well.

Joe Gagan PNP/NPN -- 1/3/2001 9:01 PM
Martin Bertrand Hornet input cap -- 1/4/2001 2:19 AM