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Hornet debuggin' (in the key of G#)

1/3/2001 8:49 PM
Martin Bertrand
Hornet debuggin' (in the key of G#)
Happy new year to everyone.  
I just finished the HORNET during the holidays (Thanks to Aron and to other that helped develop this circuit) and I have a couple of problems.  
1- The unit squeals at high gain. I read that i should use a capacitor somewhere but since I do not fully understand electronics I could do with a little help.  
2- I was wondering if I could use two Ge transistors instead of the proposed ge-si combinations. What collector voltages should I be looking for ? What could be good starting values for the trimpots ?  
3- The bass response of my guitar (Gibson with 500T Humbucker) is gone. The input capacitor is 0,01 microf and the output cap is 0,1. What cap values or type could solve the problem?  
Martin Bertrand, Alma, Canada

aron >The unit squeals at high gain. I r... -- 1/3/2001 8:59 PM