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Re: Crybaby to Volume mod help

1/3/2001 9:41 AM
edTRe: Crybaby to Volume mod help
I've done this mod as well and have the similar findings as yours, volume does not go to zero even after tweaking the pot. I've only did the 'standard' Maestro modification.  
Something that I've found out is that while selecting lower frequency cap (I've added a 6 way rotary switch to select the wah frequency) the sound became fuller but still no zero volume. I just left it at there.  
Not related to this topic but WAH pedal related... I've tried whacking in a 220k Meggit pot that has the same type of pot shaft as the original. The sound was fuller and fatter but for only 5 minutes before the pot crapped out and scratched like crazy. Right now I'm thinking of using the miniature square green ALPS pot to do the job. I've noticed that the Zoom3030 expression pedal uses something like that too... so it shouldn't crap so soon. Maybe another way would be to use LED/LDR and parallel a 1M trim pot to the LDR and adjust to taste.  
I think someone mentioned b4 that either Teese or Fuller had come across wahs with 200k pots? Worth a try.