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Re: Synth-like fuzz

12/31/2000 6:32 AM
Mark HammerRe: Synth-like fuzz
One of the things I always wanted to try was to stick a waveshaper mod to the ouput of the CA/EPFM Ultrafuzz. It is a fairly standard circuit in analog modular synth design to use a kind of lowpass filter cum slew-limiter to turn a gate signal into an attack/release envelope generator. The variable rise and fall times are set by having two parallel lowpass RC filters with opposite polarity diodes in front of each variable resistor so that one sets the time for the rising edge to occur and the other sets the time for the falling edge to occur.  
I mention this because a gate is just a square wave, and so is the output of the ultrafuzz. If you select the cap values in the waveshaper to suit the appropriate rise and fall times of audio frequency signals, you could use the waveshaper to make triangular and rising or falling ramp waves with the output of the UF. I have a Korg Waveshaper from the PME series from long ago that does something like this (although the board is VERY dense, probably too dense for me to trace the schematic reliably)), and the timbral changes are interesting. This seems like the kind of add-on that would be useful for octave dividers too.

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