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Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032796

11/30/2000 10:52 AM
Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032796
I agree the LXH2 has a diffeent approach than the VOX SIM. And I think Pritchrad's approach is also different from the VOX SIM - he tries to emulate the behaviour of the system, while the VOX SIM tries to emulate each single stage.  
I would like to point out the the VOX AC30 is "easier" to emulate than a Mrashall or Fender since it does not have a feedback loop and an overdriven amp with NFB driving a rective load is something quite complex...  
By the way the Line 6 "Tube Tone" emulation can also be found on the patent database (the patent number is on Line 6 site). From the patent text it's amazing that such a poor (in terms of details) simulation gives such reasonable (in fact I findthem good) results.