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Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032

11/30/2000 4:28 AM
Rob Strand
Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032
No, but it's on my (long)list. I often ponder about this type of stuff in the quiet of my home and when I found the AC30 sim I thought that guy is getting close. As far as refinement goes I thought Pritchard done a better job of the non-linearity issue. These ideas are not new by the way, they have been around since the sixties and are quite standard practice in other fields. On the other hand it does take some playing around computer tools to pick the values correctly - that's where our AC30 Sim friend has done the leg work and I have not.