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Posting of LFO articles

11/29/2000 4:29 AM
Mark Hammer
Posting of LFO articles
I got these on-line a little later than I had hoped to, and in a different form than I had hoped to. My "ISP" is a free university account, and it would seem that students are busy preparing assignments now since I am getting bumped mid-upload again and again. As a result, please find the info described earlier in 2 files:  
...contains 2 schematics from POLYPHONY, using a hypertriangular LFO to drive a 4046-based clock for a flanger. The article Rob refers to is probably the chorus/delay project from the early 80's that used a 4046-based clock to drive an SAD4096. These circuits will do exactly the same thing, only with a waveform more suitable for slow modulation.  
in:'ll find the complete text and schematic of an article from Electronic Musician by Thomas Henry, which applies the same core LFO, minus the clock circuitry, to sweep a phaser. Ignore the phaser part of it, since the core chip for that (the SSM2040) is long since out of production, and fetching high prices from folks who need the 2040 to keep their Prophet 5's alive.

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