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previous: Bart Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032796 -- 11/28/2000 9:28 PM View Thread

Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032

11/28/2000 11:01 PM
Re: Tubular simulations - AC30SIM, BC-60, LHX2, 5032
>, you can learn *many* more useful concepts and approaches one heck of a lot faster by studing circuits from better teachers (than patent 5032796) - like Stephan.  
OK, assuming we are interested. What if we are interested in the feel and tone of the tubes and not the entire simulation.  
In other words, a stompbox that can generate the feel and tone of a cranked amp THROUGH an amp at a low volume as close as possible.  
I think that's what a lot of people are trying to get from their stompboxes - the sound of a cranked amp, but at lower volumes.  
Can you point out other patents or is Stephan's schematic pretty much the best out there right now? You mentioned some others but not direct patent numbers....  
If you can give me the sound of a Trainwreck Express on 10 using analog tube emulation; I'm all for it!!!! :-)  
>And *hey*, why did Jack have to go and put that amp emulator circuit in a stomp box in the first place?  
I assume he thinks it sounds good. What the... I will try it anyway.

Rob Strand Aron, I thought one of the aims of ... -- 11/30/2000 12:07 AM