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Re: photocells, tubes and who is a designer

11/28/2000 3:17 AM
Re: photocells, tubes and who is a designer
Mike, Lorren, Rob (& Gus);  
I agree with ML&R that LDRs can do some amazing things that it takes a hell of a lot of circuitry to emulate. It *is* a bummer as a designer and builder to have to hand select them because they really *do* vary a lot (despite having the same type number stamped on them).  
But let's that are hard to emulate without a lot of complexity, musicians love the way the "classics" built with them sound, they have lots of variability and have to be selected for "sound", ...kinda like tubes, now that we think about it, eh?  
"...I believe one should get away from the photo cell stuff if they want to call themselfs a designer."
Some folks who know quite well how to make up circuits using "state-of-the-art" OTAs, VCAs, OVCEs, modulators, etc., still find some things can be done quite well - perhaps better and cheaper - using "the photocell stuff". Some of that "old technology" is pretty damn hard to replace.  
You'll find Ted Fletcher using "the photocell stuff" in modern designs like the Joe Meek VC3 compressor. And for a lot of highly compressed Rock n'Roll tracks, it often sounds *better* than a $4000 state-of-the-art compressor using other methods to vary gain. IMHO, I consider Fletcher a talented circuit designer.  
Still tweaking after all these years,  

Gus well I am happy with the feedback, ... -- 11/28/2000 3:38 AM