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Re: fuzz finding

11/18/2000 12:09 AM
Re: fuzz finding
I concur with your opinions about the circuitry in Bass amps, especially your remarks about the sonic impact of protection circuitry when you are pushing them hard. Much of the yucky highs blames on HF transducers if often more related to what the electronics does when the amp is being pushed too hard. V-I limiting (safe area protection, volt-amp limiting) is particularly offensive as it does not clip gracefully when driving inductive loads like speakers.  
Piezos, particularly if NOT used with a crossover that keeps the low frequencies from shoving the crystal around, can really add nothing but fizz and nasty sounding grit.  
Implemented well, piezo *can* add definition. It's just they aren't implemented well because manufacturers select them because they are cheap.  
A good 6 1/2" driver can sound *really* awesome with a Bass rig if crossed over above 600 hz or so.