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Re: NE570/NE571

11/9/2000 3:04 PM
Rob Strand
Re: NE570/NE571
Use them interchangeable, there is very little difference - I seem to remember the NE570 had tighter specs in some areas to comply with some communications standard - not releavant to audio, and in fact not used so much these days; which is why the 570 basically being replaced by the 571.  
The attack and release times of the NE570/571 are dependent on each other which can be a pain but the simplicity of the circuit can be to some advantage in simple NR systems. The opamp is noisy too - basically it's a 741. It is possible to use external opamps with the NE570/571. The NE572 is better device because you can control the attack and release times independently - good for compressors/limiters. The extra pins required to do this means you lose the internal opamp - the NE572 doesn't have in internal opamp. Both units are stereo. If you use external opamps, the gain cell produces most of the noise and this is about the same on any of the parts.  
My main beef with these is the feedthrough but to improve that you need to spend a lot more money. The NE570/571/572 are pretty good value really.  

Mark Hammer Agreed. The 570 is the slightly be... -- 11/9/2000 5:53 PM