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Building pedals and electronics

11/9/2000 3:13 AM
Building pedals and electronics
Well i haven't been around here for a while ut i'm back now.  
I want to get a little more into electronics and understanding them.  
What do you guys recommend i do. I am taking the most andvaced Electronics class my school offer(which really isn't to hard). I skipped the begginer class because of what i have learned form building pedals. And i am still one of the most experianced/skilled.  
But i want to know how pedals really work, from component to component, and everything about them. I am gonna get some electronic books. I also want to get into amp repair/ and working with tubes.  
What do you guys recommend i do  
i'm 15 so i have lots of time to study.  

MikeB Just spend a sh*tload of time build... -- 11/9/2000 5:43 AM
zachary vex go to your local library, the bigge... -- 11/9/2000 10:22 AM
paul perry "The Art of Electronics" Horowitz &... -- 11/9/2000 11:58 AM
Joe Gagan online electronics course -- 11/9/2000 5:10 PM