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previous: Dan Help with Jordan Bosstone - Need response quick!!! -- 11/3/2000 12:50 AM View Thread

Re: Help with Jordan Bosstone - Need response quick!

11/3/2000 5:03 AM
Re: Help with Jordan Bosstone - Need response quick!
I remember getting the oscillation too on my first unit. I wonder if you try a 100pf instead of the 50pf, that might help it.  
I also noticed that the oscillation DOES happen with the .1uF cap - at least for me it did, but only when turned all the way up.  
All oscillation went away with .01uF cap instead of the .1uF.  
Obviously to get rid of the oscillation at the lower end of the spectrum, put a resistor from the pot to ground so you never have the pot at the bottom travel.  
I'm not sure how to the fix the oscillation with the drive at max. For myself I would just not turn it up that high. I suppose you could use a smaller value pot and scale it towards the middle range.

Dan Thank you, I took your advice (more... -- 11/3/2000 10:22 PM