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Re: THANKS , THANKS! & another question.

10/30/2000 8:10 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: THANKS , THANKS! & another question.
Once upon a time, I had a rackmount multi-FX that I made to house a half dozen or so Anderton gadgets. One of its most appreciated features were 2 nondedicated bypass switches that functioned in much the same way as your loops. One of the things I liked to do was to "nest" effects, so that a bigger sequence of effects could be switched on and off in portions.  
Example: The overall loop would consist of 3 effects - a compressor, a parametric equalizer set to push the "grunt" frequencies, and a tube sound overdrive. Nested within the overall loop would be a subloop of compressor and EQ.  
This let me select:  
a) clean (loop bypassed)  
b) modest dirt (engage loop but disengage subloop)  
c) serious Billy Gibbons tone (engage comp/EQ subloop set for extra boost)  
Needless to say that, in the pre-digitalmultiFX era, this was bloody handy. I mention this because one of the alternatives is to "nest" your individual subloops within a larger loop, using the 3rd DPDT switch. It would work like this....  
Each "Subloop" bypass switch selects between its own set of input/output jacks (for send and receive from FX), and a straight feedthrough. In the case of subloop1, it takes its feed from the input to the whole unit. Subloop2 takes its feed from the bypass output of Subloop1, and sends its output to the main switch.  
So, you could have Subloop1+Subloop2, Subloop1 only, Subloop2 only, or straight bypass.