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cleaning the junction boxes

10/9/2000 10:27 PM
Johnathan Foy
cleaning the junction boxes
i forgot to mention my "process" painting these...  
ok first of all i use this stuff called Bar Keeper's cleans porcelain, copper (GREAT for cleaning pcb's), steel, and etc...  
well of course junction boxes are steel...and it seems they have this funky oily residue and the junction box flakes little piecs of steel off...not large but really small flakes...  
but i use this to clean kinda preps it..but then i sand it...then i use the Bar Keeper's Friend stuff again...then dry it off of course then spray w/ primer about 2 coats...then whatever color of paint you want...  
take this advice if nothing can tell a HUGE difference between the cheap paint and the good stuff like krylon or rustoleum (rustoleum having the best results)  
i'll have to try to rustoleum primers too maybe i'll get a better finish...  
i hear several varying opinions on this but...those who use the old toaster oven to "bake" the paint on your pedals do you do this when the paint is still we, when it's dry to the touch or what?  
just curious as to how you did this...  
Johnathan Foy

Jake I bake the paint right away for abo... -- 10/9/2000 10:57 PM