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Amp Channel Switching Box help...

1/19/2001 7:50 PM
Amp Channel Switching Box help...
There seems to be a wealth of expertise on this board, and I hoping someone can help me out...  
I have a Bedrock 651 amp the single 12, 4 EL84 amp, which has channel switching with the switch on the front, and a jack on the back.  
I tried out a number of other amps' boxes for channel switching and have not had success. The closest I got was trying a cord that was stereo tipped on both ends, into a regular channel swithing box (a single function channel swithing amp's box) - it switched the channels, but it was not happy. Half of the signal seemed to be coming through and it was making bunch o' noise.  
I have searched the ends of the earth for a switch or a schematic, and come up empty.  
Wondering what your thoughts are. It seems to me that the amp wants only to switch the channels, maayyybe the reverb, but I doubt it.  
I'm also thinking it wants a stereo cord, from the reaction it had when using one in the above test, and the feel of the jack.  
I have a hammond box, number of different jacks, and a DPDT and others.  
Any ideas??